[PARPORT] Some Basic Questions on Parport driver

From: Eric Tang (erictang@netteens.net)
Date: Sun Apr 22 2001 - 11:50:16 EDT

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    Dear ALL,

            I am very new to kernel module programming, so i have few basic questions want to ask you ALL.
            I am writing a EPP driver for a device in Linux, i have written a kernel module to do that..

            i use inb/outb to access the register, say Control and Status , Data register of the parallel port in the
            kernel module.

            My Questions:

            1. If i use inb/outb (both in kernel or user space), what the kernel actually do?? say , if i set
                the parallel port operate in EPP in BIOS, so when i call inb/outb, the kernel will do all
                the low-level handshaking for EPP???

            2. Any disadvantage of writing kernel module using inb/outb to access parport device? As
                I have read the API Documentation of this homepage, it seems that it is better to use the
                API you provided to access parallel port??

            3. Do i need to disable the parallel port support in the kernel in order to make my driver work
                prefectly?? as some people said the normal parallel port module may conflict with my module.

            i am really a beginner, hope u all can kindly answer my questions...thX



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