[PARPORT] New MP3-Player

From: Andreas Pietzowski (andreas@pietzowski.de)
Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 12:06:55 EDT

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    Hi there,

    this is my first time I read/send something to a MailingList so tell me if
    I miss the netiquette in any point ;-)

    I have a pocket-mp3-player from Audiovox (http://www.audiovox.com) and I
    want to write a Linux-port of their windows-program which communicates
    with the MP-1000 (this is the name of the player).

    How should I start? Should I use an existing mp3-player-linux-software
    8like the Rio one or the MPMan one) or should I log the bytes on the
    parrallel port under Windows98? Which program can I use to scan the
    parport under Windows?
    I also thought of using VMWare for getting the bytes which are
    transferred. Is there a Linux-program which scans the parallel port while
    VMWare is communicating with the mp3-player (I haven't tried to use VMWare
    and the MP-1000 yet but I read that printers work fine with VMWare so it
    should not be a problem.)

    Thanks for help me starting that project

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