Re: [PARPORT] How do I know wich device reffers to each /dev/parport entry?

From: Ronnie Arosa (
Date: Fri May 18 2001 - 10:33:54 EDT

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    Tim Waugh wrote:

    > Okay, I just took a look at the data sheet for OX12PCI840, but it says
    > that the subsystem should be 1415:0001. Whether the manual is wrong,
    > or 1415:0000 is a different product with a different data sheet, I
    > don't know.

    You're right. I've look at the data sheet and it says that. I've send an
    e-mail to Oxsemi asking them what's happenning. If they answer me (I
    hope so) I would e-mail you with their answer.



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