Re: [PARPORT] problems with parallel port card

From: Ronnie Arosa (
Date: Wed May 23 2001 - 04:02:03 EDT

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    > This is an oops message, although the word 'oops' doesn't appear.
    > What lines did you add to parport_pc.c, exactly?

    I've only added some printks to init_module()

    That's my init_modules():

    int init_module(void)
       /* Work out how many ports we have, then get parport_share to parse
          the irq values. */
       unsigned int i;
       int ret;


       for (i = 0; i < PARPORT_PC_MAX_PORTS && io[i]; i++);
       if (i) {
         printk("<1>PARA CADA PUERTO\n");
           if (parport_parse_irqs(i, irq, irqval)) return 1;
           if (parport_parse_dmas(i, dma, dmaval)) return 1;
       else {
           /* The user can make us use any IRQs or DMAs we find. */
           int val;

       printk("<1>PROBANDO A PARSEAR IRQS\n");

           if (irq[0] && !parport_parse_irqs (1, irq, &val))
               switch (val) {
               case PARPORT_IRQ_NONE:
               case PARPORT_IRQ_AUTO:
                   irqval[0] = val;
       printk("<1>PARSEANDO DMAS\n");
           if (dma[0] && !parport_parse_dmas (1, dma, &val))
               switch (val) {
               case PARPORT_DMA_NONE:
               case PARPORT_DMA_AUTO:
                   dmaval[0] = val;
       printk("<1>LLAMANDO A PARPORT_PC_INIT\n");
       ret = !parport_pc_init (io, io_hi, irqval, dmaval);
       if (ret && registered_parport)
           pci_unregister_driver (&parport_pc_pci_driver);

       return ret;

    And they all appear in dmesg.


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