Re: [PARPORT] Problems reading ECR.

From: Ronnie Arosa (
Date: Fri May 25 2001 - 12:02:11 EDT

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    >> When I load the module for io=0x278 (onboard parallel port) and
    >> irq=auto, everything seems to be OK. The module is able to read ECR
    >> register. When I load the module for io=0x378 (ioport where my PCI card
    >> is at, in Windows the card is recognized at this ioport)
    > This doesn't mean that the card lives there when Linux is running, and
    > in fact it looks like it isn't.
    > PCI resources are assigned to the PCI card by the operating system at
    > boot time (or at card insertion, I guess, on PCI hotswap systems).

    So how do I know which ioport is my card connected to?

    >> If I do not specify any parameter to the module, the module's loading
    >> makes th
    > I thought you were going to ask Oxford Semi for more information about
    > their chips?
    Yes I did , but I haven'got an aswer yet. I'm going to remind them
    about this now.


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