[PARPORT] urgent help needed about parallel port programming

From: Vasarhelyi Daniel (asd@mail.musichello.com)
Date: Wed Jun 20 2001 - 12:12:30 EDT

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    Hello everybody.

    I am Daniel Vasarhelyi, and I'm living at Hungary.
    I'v got some work: I have to do a presentation about linux parallel port programming for my final examination at College of Mechanics and Automation.

    I've used popular port.h to drive an LCD connected to the parralel port:
    /* static inline int port_in( int port )
       unsigned char value;
      __asm__ volatile ("inb %1,%0"
                        : "=a" (value)
                        : "d" ((unsigned short)port));
       return value;
    } */

    static inline void port_out( unsigned short int port, unsigned char val )
      __asm__ volatile (
                        "outb %0,%1\n"
                        : "a" (val), "d" (port)

    But now, i have to explain, how parallel port can be programmed by kernel calls.

    I've checked drivers/parport/*.c, and LPG checklp.c but it's chinese for me...
    My goal is to gain access on parallel ports' pins. Controlling status and data bits as well.
    Would anyone tell me, or give me an URL.

    Thank you, in advanve:

    PS: final examination is at Friday, so it's quite urgent now....

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