[PARPORT] Re: linux-2.4.2 pd.c patch - driver was untested??? (this patch too, I have no PARIDE HW ;-( )

From: Sergij Kolisnyk (kolk@ukr.net)
Date: Tue Jun 26 2001 - 16:35:30 EDT

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    >Er.. give me a clue.

    I'm writing unreleased driver, based on pd.c in HDD part.
    (And on ide-scsi.c of mainstream driver in ATAPI part.)
    My driver architecture is like MacOS ATA Manager
    (single async call for whole ATA transaction, passing struct scatterlist *
    to low-level). (If somebody of you wish to run mainstream SCSI drivers
    on external ATAPI hardware - I'll point you released Linux ATA Manager

    The BUG:
    Author of patch in
    have just confused max_segments with max_sectors.
    In result driver built clustered ATA requests exceeding the maximum of 256
    My driver failed on that error, and I fixed this confusing (after reading
    2.4. ll_rw_blk.c).
    (May be pd.c has some features, that prevent it failing on this bug, but I
    such confuse should be fixed anyway ;-) )
    So I backported my patch to PARIDE pd.c included in RH 7.1 (I have no 2.4.5
    at hand),
    and posted it here.

    Best regards,

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