[PARPORT] My semi-mux driver

From: jtklaas@mediaone.net
Date: Mon Jul 16 2001 - 12:14:48 EDT

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    I now have a little time to work on my parport driver for the ATEN
    parallel port switch.

    My first attempt at the switch mostly involved me rewriting portions of
    the lp driver to use the switch. What I would like to do this time is
    write it closer to the new daisy chaining idea of 1284.3. Since this
    switch doesn't do 1284.3, it is pretty much useless for anything other
    than printing though.

    Where is the best place to start? I started looking at daisy.c in
    linux/drivers/parport. I'm not clear on how to emulate a parallel port
    so that I don't really touch the data going to the printer, just pass it
    through to the port itself.

    One of the other things I accomplished that I thought was pretty cool, was
    that I was able to get multiple printers going simultaneously. Is this
    something possible to do with the 1284.3 drivers? I am guessing that I
    will have to muck with the data if I do this.

    There's lies, damn lies, and then there's Microsoft's marketing.

    James Klaas

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