Re: [PARPORT] parport0 and zip drive

From: Stephen Mollett (
Date: Sun Jul 22 2001 - 14:16:23 EDT

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    On Wednesday 18 July 2001 7:55 pm, wharfrat <> wrote:
    > When I run dmesg I see parport0 but if I do insmod ppa I get
    > back a bunch of info that leads me to believe that it's not set up
    > correctly. How to I get ppa to be configured correctly?

    Have you tried 'modprobe imm'? If it's a Zip Plus, which says 'autodetect' on
    the cable you'll have to use the IMM protocol instead of PPA.

    Also, have you got SCSI disk support configured? The Zip drive is actually a
    scsi disk a built-in SCSI-to-Parallel adaptor. Try 'modprobe scsi_mod;
    modprobe sd_mod' to install the SCSI subsystem and the SCSI disk driver
    before loading the ppa (or imm) driver.

    Failing that, can you tell us what exactly ppa tells you? Do dmesg after
    inserting ppa and pull out the last 10 or so lines (plus any parport-related

    Stephen Mollett

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