[PARPORT] Slow ECP reads

From: David Lambert (dave_lambert@fbcc.com)
Date: Tue Jul 31 2001 - 13:31:53 EDT

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    I am experiencing what I consider to be very slow data rates (around
    10kBytes/S) when reading in ECP mode. I think I have set up the hardware
    correctly and can see the /proc/interrupts incrementing on irq 7. My
    modules.conf contains the lines:

    alias parport_lowlevel parport_pc
    options parport_pc io=0x378 irq=7 dma=3

    and my dmesg is as follows:

    ppdev: user-space parallel port driver
    frob_econtrol(e0,00): 35 -> 15
    0x378: FIFO is 16 bytes
    frob_econtrol(04,04): c6 -> c6
    frob_econtrol(04,00): c6 -> c2
    0x378: writeIntrThreshold is 8
    frob_econtrol(e0,20): c4 -> 24
    frob_econtrol(e0,c0): 25 -> c5
    frob_econtrol(04,04): c5 -> c5
    frob_econtrol(04,00): c5 -> c1
    0x378: readIntrThreshold is 8
    0x378: PWord is 8 bits
    0x378: Interrupts are ISA-Pulses
    0x378: ECP port cfgA=0x10 cfgB=0x00
    0x378: ECP settings irq=<none or set by other means> dma=<none or set by
    other means>
    frob_econtrol(e0,00): f5 -> 15
    parport0: PC-style at 0x378 (0x778), irq 7, dma 3
    parport0: cpp_daisy: aa5500ff87(b8)
    parport0: assign_addrs: aa5500ff87(b8)
    parport0: cpp_daisy: aa5500ff87(b8)
    parport0: assign_addrs: aa5500ff87(b8)
    ppdev0: registered pardevice

    Does anyone have any ideas what should be tried next?

    Many thanks,


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