From: Kurt Roeckx (Q@ping.be)
Date: Thu Aug 09 2001 - 15:15:06 EDT

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    I'm was wondering why it doesn't report that I have EPP, and only
    says I have ECP.

    The reason it says that I don't have EPP is because of "phony
    EPP". The check in parport_EPP_supported() said it's phony EPP.

    Do most PC hardware have this phone EPP, or what?

    I get a little confused by "ECPEPP" detection. In
    parport_ECPEPP_supported, it calls parport_EPP_supported, and
    only does something if that returned 1, but in that case it never
    gets called because in parport_pc_probe_port() it does this:

                            if (!parport_EPP_supported(p))

    I see two possible reasons for this: there is a bug somewhere, or
    parport_EPP_supported can now return 1 suddenly because of the
    things you wrote to the registers.

    If it's the later, I still wonder why it still doesn't report EPP
    as available.


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