[PARPORT] Help, please: mount: /dev/pcd0 unknown device

From: Georg Lange (komo7330@mailszrz.zrz.tu-berlin.de)
Date: Tue Aug 14 2001 - 08:52:45 EDT

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    Hello list,

    Im an Linux-Newbie - soory if I ask a dumb question ;-).

    I have installed Red Hat 7.1 on an older IBM Thinkpad Notebook (760C)
    via parallelport cdrom (Freecom PowerCd). Installation worked fine,
    except the harddisk is a little small, so I had to install only a few
    packages. After reboot an login as root, I tried to mount the cdrom to
    install some other packages - but I got an error saying:

    mount: /dev/pcd0 unknown device

    So I looked at paride.html. I liked the idea of configuring the drivers
    as lodable kernel modules. I made a symlink cdrom -> pcd0 in /dev, then
    I installed the modules parport, paride and frpw. All worked fine, the
    modules got installed returning the messages as descibed in paride.html.
    insmod frpw returned:

    paride: frpw registered as protocol 0

    But when I tried to mount the cdrom then , I still got the same error.

    Ive tried to "make" (mknod) the "special" file in /dev: pcd0 as being
    described in the cdrom-howto, but it was already there with the correct
    parameters b, Major 46/ Minor 0 (maybe because the installation went by
    parport cdrom).

    I have no idea what to do now. Maybe someone has experienced the same,
    maybe Ive overlooked something...
    If someone is able to help, please - Im lookin thru mans/howtos/books
    for several days now - but nobody seems to use parallelport drives
    anymore :-(


    Best regards,
     Georg                          mailto:komo7330@mailszrz.zrz.tu-berlin.de

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