[PARPORT] ISA card and ECP problem

From: Julien (julien@jls-info.com)
Date: Thu Aug 30 2001 - 05:00:18 EDT

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    I am writing an ECP driver for RT Linux. But I am experiencing problems with ISA cards. My driver works well with the parallel port that is on my motherboard (via686).
    I have two ISA cards (ECP parallel port), I set them (via jumpers) to another address and another IRQ than the one of my motherboard. I also set up (via jumpers) ECP+EPP mode (there is no ECP mode only).
    My driver doesnot work at all with this card. (I have 2 different models of ISA cards, and none of them works).
    I can't set it up properly.
    First, I am unable to change Control register (base + 2) bit 5 (direction) and bit 4 (but I do not want to change it). They both read 0.
    Then, I can't change bit 2 of econtrol (base + 0x402) (ServiceIntr), it always reads 1, I can't enable interrupts...
    In Configuration Mode, cnfgA = 0x14, It should be 0x10 I think but I can't change that. cnfgB = 0x40, it should be 0, this means that the bit intrValue is set (the IRQ is occupied on the ISA bus....). But I have no other peripheral on the bus. I tried to set IRQ5 assigned to Legacy ISA in my BIOS but It doesnt change anything.
    My motherboard pp works in IRQ7 and it also works in IRQ5.
    I really don't know what else to do.... Am I missing something ?

    Thanks a lot, it is very important for me to get this card working...

    Julien Schmitt

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