[PARPORT] External keyboard...

From: ASA (atris@mail.ru)
Date: Mon Sep 17 2001 - 04:35:33 EDT

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    Hello all,

      I'm developing embedded application and your device has external keyboard
    that connected with motherboard via parallel port. We have user-space
    driver but we need to move it into kernel-space.

      First I thought that I must not invent wheel and has tried to look for
    similar devices. None!!! I've searched for similar driver via google,
    altavista, linux.org and such sites. Archives of this mailing list contains
    only one reference to external keyborad but this is not what I want...

      I still cannot believe that nobody realized LPT-connected keyboard yet...

      Nevertheless, having wonderful documentation
    I decide to follow this. But... Have anybody here something similar?
    Can anybody to suggest anything else, give any tips&tricks or to warn
    against anything?

    Best regards,
     ASA                          mailto:atris@mail.ru

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