[PARPORT] which distro for an old i486 laptop

From: Ashley Moore (linuxify@yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Sep 17 2001 - 14:52:32 EDT

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    I have an old Compaq Contura 468 laptop, 8 Mb Ram, 2
    Gb Hdd, 1.44 floppy. I got an external CDROM
    (Onspec26) and would like to install linux (via a
    parport boot disk) and make it a bit produtive ;).

    I have 95 on it now, its a verrrry slow m/c for 95,
    but i'm sure, a trimmed down custom kernel could be
    just what is needed. and maybe even a light-weight
    window manager on XFree86 v3.3 or v4. i don't really
    know how i'm going to put it all together...

    I need a parport boot-disk. I have the Mandrake i486
    CD with me now. but i could'nt find a suitable boot
    disk for it. I also booted off another image i
    downloaded - RH 6.1 parport boot disk. but i recd some
    error about RH not being able to load on the h/w
    Can some one point me to a good resource or even
    suggestions are most welcome.

    Thanks in advance
    Ashley Moore.

    Ashley Moore.

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