[PARPORT] Parallel port modes questions

From: Luis-Filipe.Goncalves@swisscom.com
Date: Fri Sep 28 2001 - 09:23:15 EDT

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    I'm having some troubles with the parallel port here. I'm using an old DELL
    OPTPLEX GX200 as a intranet linux server and for some backup reasons and
    other I need to install the infamous external HP CD-RW 7200.
    The problem is that this old dell machine does not have the support for EPP
    mode on the BIOS, but the chip itself (National Semiconductor PC87332)
    allows EPP mode. The burner is correctly detected at boot time and is
    automatically set to mode 0 (4 bits) and when you try to burn something with
    cdrecord... guess what, it fails (OPC faillure)!
    Now my questions are:

    - is there any way to force parport to use EPP mode instead of PS/2 or other
    - is there any software to set the chip to use only EPP mode?

    Any help is greatly appreciated, I already tried to update the BIOS and it's
    still the same thing.
    Thanks in advance!


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