[PARPORT] Bug in parport_pc.c

From: Marcel Wijlaars (marcelw@wfw.wtb.tue.nl)
Date: Tue Oct 23 2001 - 02:40:31 EDT

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    I've been trying to make the parport_cs kernel module work with the 2.4
    series kernel and came across a problem in the parport_pc.c file.

    In the 2.2 kernel series check_region, request_region and other
    functions like it are declared as functions returning void.
    In the 2.4 kernel series these functions return a pointer value so that
    an error can be signaled, if a NULL pointer is returned the check or
    request failed.

    In the parport_pc.c file the parport_pc_probe_port function does a "if (
    check_region(base,3) ) return NULL;" which I think should be "if (
    !check_region(base,3) ) return NULL;"

    If I apply this crude hack to parport_pc.c and modify parport_cs.c so it
    known there are only 3 parport modes (compared to 5 in the 2.2 kernel
    series) the pcmcia parport module works just fine

    The way I have to implement this patch is so ugly that I thing this
    problem might affect other parport function.

    any comments are welcome,

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