[PARPORT] problems with parport_cs.c

From: Marcel Wijlaars (marcelw@wfw.wtb.tue.nl)
Date: Fri Oct 26 2001 - 06:16:25 EDT

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    I don't understand some parts in the parport_cs.c code. If someone does,
    could you explain it to me. I'm trying to get the parport_cs module to work.

    this is the part I dont understand:

    line 287 of parport_cs.c, kerel 2.4.13: CFG_CHECK(RequestIO,
    link->handle, &link->io);

    line 300-302 of parpor_cs.c, kernel 2.4.13: p =
    parport_pc_probe_port(link->io.BasePort1, link->io.BasePort2,

    if I add printk("check_region(0x%x,3)=0x%x\n",link->io.BasePort1,
    check_region(link->io.BasePort1,3) before and after these lines the
    result is:

    check_region(0x0,3) =0xfffffff0

    meaning: CFG_CHECK(RequestIO, link->handle, &link->io); does not release
    ioport 0x100.
    if this is correct, why does parport_pc_probe_port do a

    I'm lost, please help,

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