Re: [PARPORT] NetMos 9805 pci parport experiences

From: Joost Kooij (
Date: Sun Oct 28 2001 - 13:23:28 EST

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    On Sun, Oct 28, 2001 at 05:58:21PM +0000, Tim Waugh wrote:
    > Unfortunately, parport_pc doesn't yet support using interrupts on PCI
    > parallel port cards, for the reasons that you have discovered.
    > I had hoped that these reports of freezes were related to the use of
    > the ECR on NetMos chips, but I guess not.
    > I'm afraid I don't know what the cause is.

    Maybe I'll find some time to look into it more closely. Would it
    help anything if I try booting with "nmi_watchdog=2" (machine is a
    stepping 1 athlon) and provoke another hang? It may take a few days
    before I get another chance though..

    Anyway, thanks for making the patch available, at least it works in SPP
    mode now, which is better than not at all.



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