Re: [PARPORT] vmware 3.0 parport0 not working

From: Gian Ghodrat (
Date: Mon Oct 29 2001 - 07:24:36 EST

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    Am Mon, 2001-10-29 um 10.08 schrieb Tim Waugh:
    > I will assume then that the lsmod output you showed before was
    > incomplete and that ppdev probably was there after all (2.4.13 has the
    > ppdev-doesn't-load bug fixed already).
    Actually i hadn't compiled it in the running kernel because of some
    strange error messages i had a month ago, i put it in again and it looks
    like the error has gone.

    > There is a VMware bug that has been identified that might be catching
    > you out here: although it doesn't use the kernel for parallel port
    > access (it just writes to the ports directly), it _does_ use it for
    > detecting ports in the first place. However, it makes the mistake of
    > asking the kernel what hardware transfer modes it will use, rather
    > than doing its own probing to find out what hardware transfer modes
    > are available (regardless of whether or not the kernel will use
    > them).
    I guess youre right about that, had the same impression

    > A workaround should be to specify the base address and IRQ line to
    > parport_pc. See Documentation/parport.txt for how to do that.
    I did that (i guess, i used insmod parport_pc io=0x3bc irq=auto and got
    a lot of unresolved symbols) and after that vmware told me that
    /dev/parport0 would be used by another application.
    when I removed the lp module (as recommended on the vmware page) it says
    "Unsupported parallel port hardware (no PS/2 or ECP mode) for
    /dev/parport0. Device parallel0 will start disconnected"

    I guess i forgot something, but what?

    thank for spending time on that subject,


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