[PARPORT] "lpd" Problem

From: E.John Joseph (j-john@scc.u-tokai.ac.jp)
Date: Tue Jan 15 2002 - 23:17:54 EST

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    Hi All,

              Recently I had a problem with my Linux Redhat7.0
    machine and I had to reinstall every thing. Though I did it,
    I still have problem with "lpd". While booting itself it shows
    an error message:
    "Get_local_host: 'localhost' IP address not available ! "

           Same message I get when I try print command also.
    I edited the /etc/printcap and tried. Also I used printtool
    but no success.

    Infact I did all network configuration (I suppose !). When I try
    "ping" command to IP address of Printer, it respond properly.
    Similarly when I try to "ping" my machine from another, it works

    So I am unable to figure out the problem. Do you have any idea?
    Any tips are appreciated.



    School of Marine Science and Technology,
    Shimizu, Shizuoka, 424-8610  JAPAN
    Phone : +81-543-34-0411 - Ext. 2245; Fax: +81-543-9840
    E-mail:  j-john@scc.u-tokai.ac.jp

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