[PARPORT] Bidirectional support.

From: Petrov M.I. (npetrov@ukr.net)
Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 16:03:34 EST

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    Hi All.
    I am having a PC with Debian (Woody) & kernel-2.2.19. HP LaserJet1100 is
    connected to it using parallel port. Now, I wanted to check whether this
    supports the bidirectional feature. Please tell me how to include the bidirectional
    feature in order to to know about the status of the printer and also to grab the
    pagecount information. I am using apsfilter with LPRng.
    cat /proc/parport/0/autoprobe
    MODEL:HP LaserJet 1100;
    DESCRIPTION:HP LaserJet 1100 Printer;
    echo -e "\33%-12345X@PJL\n@PJL INFO VARIABLES\n\33%-12345X" | cat >/dev/lp0
    cat /dev/lp0
    cat: /dev/lp0: Invalid argument

    Help me.

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