[PARPORT] Block transfers?

From: Nick Papadonis (nick@coelacanth.com)
Date: Wed Jan 30 2002 - 21:03:26 EST

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    My program uses the userspace parport driver to control a JTAG
    interface. Preferably I would like to use full width operations
    on the port, however since parport0 is a character device, I must r/w using
    certain bytes.

    I.e. I use the following to write to the data byte:

    result = ioctl(fd, PPRDATA, &d);

    Using many ioctl calls are slowing my parport access down greatly.
    I'm acheiving a ~90kHz data rate on a port that should handle ~200kHz.

    Is there a way to read/write a block of data out over the port at a

    Any insight appreciated.



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