[PARPORT] EPP and nInit

From: Julien Schmitt (julien@jls-info.com)
Date: Sun Feb 24 2002 - 05:48:00 EST

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    I am writing the linux driver for a peripheral of my own. I want to use nInit (Reset in EPP) as an output that I can access directly through the control register. Unfortunately, when I write a 0 on it :
      byte = 0;
      parport_write_control(port, byte);
    the pin goes low, but when I write an EPP data, it seems like the hardware controls this pin and write 1 back on it. I use this function for epp transfers :
     port->ops->epp_write_data(port, &byte, 1, 0);
    I have the same problem with EPP write.
    Is it really the hardware, or the linux driver which controls this output ? (I have not found in the parport sources anything, so I suppose it is the hardware...)
    Is it possible to make this pin remain low during EPP transfers ?

    Thanks a lot


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