Re: [PARPORT] Mounting a Syjet.

From: Joel Fernandez (
Date: Mon Feb 25 2002 - 10:06:14 EST

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    Hello Daniel

    to load the modules and have your Syquest run it depends on your kernel
    type, I think.

    With a kernel 2.2.x you have to take the script given in
    /usr/src/linux/Documentation/paride.txt, put it in a file, make this
    file executable and then execute it.
    This will add devices in /dev.

    With a kernel 2.4.x you can do the same, I hope, or if you have devfs
    installed you don't have to take the script.
    Be careful with this sort of kernel. I had to put everything concerning
    the Syquest not as modules and to answer "Yes" instead.

    Concerning the modules you can do like this :
    With a Debian you have a program named modconf which will guide you and
    will load modules for you.

    With others distributions you can do like that :
    1) insmod parport.o
    2) insmod paride.o
    3) insmod epat.o
    4) insmod pd.o

    Normally the machine will say your module is loaded after each part.

    the device is /dev/pda and you can mount it for example on /mnt
    mount /dev/pda /mnt
    for more details see
    man insmod
    and /usr/src/linux/Docmentation/paride.txt

    I hope it will help you. If not mail again :-))


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