[PARPORT] ppSCSI, RedHat 7.2, and SyQuest SyJet

From: Jon Miner (cp_n18@yahoo.com)
Date: Sun Mar 17 2002 - 10:27:31 EST

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    Hello All-

    I just joined this list today, after spending two days
    to get my SyJet working. After going through the list
    archives, I saw several people who had questions that
    I think I'm in a position to answer (since I have a
    running system).

    First, I'm not a Linux Kernel Guru, (although I have
    been doing UNIX programming for 10+ years)

    Second, thanks to Grant and Tim for their prior work.

    Like many, I was unable to get Grant's and Tim's
    patches to cleanly apply to my RedHat 7.2 2.4.9-31
    source tree. I mannually applied the patches, and
    made some code changes where it appeared that major
    kernel changes had occured. The result is documented


    Hopefully someone will find this useful, and my notes
    can be moved to one of the existing parallel port


    Jon Miner
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