[PARPORT] quickcd problems with debian 2.2 install

From: David Tansey (djtansey@nscl.nasdsl.com)
Date: Sun Mar 24 2002 - 03:36:38 EST

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    I've got no idea where to start reporting... but i'll state my process. I've
    got a quickcd (H45) which can connect to a computer with a little pcmcia
    adapter or through parport. i've tried and given up with pcmcia... and
    parport supposedly supports it. (under "cd-roms it said it was supported)

    i tried the basic instructions.
    rmmod lp (which wasn't loaded anyhow)
    insmod parport
    insmod paride
    insmod epat
    insmod pcd

    that give "using /lib/modules/2.2.19/misc/pcd.o
    pcd: pcd version 1.07, major 46, nice 0
    pcd0: autoprobe failed
    pcd: no cd-rom drive found
    /lib/modules/2.2.19/misc/pcd.o: init_module: device or resource busy
    hint: this error can be caused by incorrect module parameters, including
    invalid io or irq parameters

    that is the error i get whether i have my parallel setting to "standard"
    "ECP" "EPP 1.7" or "EPP 1.9" in the bios...

    cat /proc/parport/0/* gives
    model: unknown device;
    manufacturer: unknown vendor;
    base: 0x378
    irq: none
    dma: none
    modes: SPP, ECP, ECPPS2 (when in ECP mode.. EPP is in there when in EPP
    mode.. SPP is always there)

    i tried to pass drive0=0x378... but that didn't help anything. verbose just
    has it go through a bunch of epat variations and then fails. it says
     0x378 is parport0 though...

    i tried to load every module in the paride howto i found online. (kbic,
    bpck, on20, on26... all of them... didn't help)

    what can i do?

    note: yes, the unit is turned on, no i don't hear it spin up or anything
    when i try to load pcd.. though it spins up when i turn it on or when i
    eject and reinsert the cd... and yes, there is a CD in there)

    thank you,


    huo dao lao, xue dao lao.
    Live until you are old,
    learn until you are old.

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