[PARPORT] SIIG Dual Parallel Port card under RH 6.2

From: Jerry Mulchin (jmulchin@employees.org)
Date: Sat Apr 06 2002 - 00:14:32 EST

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    I have installed a SIIG Dual PCI parallel port card into my RH 6.2 system.
    The PCI ports are seen OK by the BIOS and appear to be seen OK by
    RedHat because the ports appear under /dev/pci/devices, and other places.

    But I don't want to use the ports for printers. Rather I want to just use them
    for control of some hardware I'm designing. When I installed the RH 6.2,
    I did not install any parallel port support. Fortunately interrupts are not a
    requirement, so I don't need to program for that. I also understand Linux
    6.2 doesn't support parallel port interrupts anyway.

    So, my questions are;

    1.) Can I leave them at the ports the end up at when the system boots up?
    They appear at 0xE800, 0XE400, 0xE000, and 0xDC00 and are defaulted
    to EPP mode I believe. Or should I program the base addr registers to change
    them to lower port address?

    2.) Can I just program them for use in "user space" and use some of the
    libraries out there that control paralle ports. One that I plan to use is a
    library called "parapin". Parapin does support "ioperm", but I added "iopl" to
    the library for the higher I/O addresses.

    3.) I assume that the ports have to be setup just like any PCI card would
    be programmed. Clearing the Status register, setting the control port for
    I/O instead of Memory, setting them for SPP mode, etc...

    Thanks in advance for the help

    Jerry Mulchin Amateur Radio Call - N7EME
    Programmer, Amateur Astronomer, Ham Radio
    e-mail (home) - jmulchin@employees.org
    Astronomy Web Page http://www.astroguy.com

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