[PARPORT] OFF the subject, but on my own....

From: Luke Cliff (ljcliff@bigpond.com)
Date: Wed Apr 10 2002 - 05:27:58 EDT

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    So does anyone want to make an interface for a Binary Accelerator< I can
    give you either Strings or Inital values, Could be used for Cracks, but
    would rather send some pulse. I made in Java 1.2(<) Application Source
    Code for linux. Can make to Application to write to file or network,
    speed of the net is independant, I need your source if I'm to complete
    the Java Application. I'd prefer Perl or Unix bash scripts. If your
    interested just send me with the subject "I want to help" and ask for
    the Java Source if you want it.....

    Luke Cliff

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