[PARPORT] Data Transfer Speed, cables, modes

From: Nate (nate@uniwest.com)
Date: Thu Apr 11 2002 - 12:56:24 EDT

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    I have been on this list for a few months and I have noticed more people
    come to get answers than to contribute regularly. I am one of those that
    like to listen to learn, (I try to help when I do know something though).
    So if anyone has 2 cents I would appreciate hearing it.

    I would like to program my application to move data over the parallel port.
    I need higher speed than I can achieve in nibble mode. I have looked at the
    DirectParallelŽ Universal FAST Cable at

    The problem is they are very unwilling to support any OS besides Microsoft

    Of course, everyone wants more speed all the time, right? How can I get
    more speed out of parallel port data transfer between a Linux Box and a
    Windows Box. Part of the answer is to use 8 bits instead of 4. Can this be
    done with a laplink type cable of the shelf or would it need to be cuircitry
    enhanced like the one above?

    Of course the off the shelf (still well sheilded) would be the best if I
    could do 8 bit mode. Alas, I only can do 4 with my limited knowledge.


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