[PARPORT] Ide/scsi over the parallel port

From: Stefan Riha (s.riha@gmx.at)
Date: Thu May 23 2002 - 12:29:13 EDT

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    I want to use my freecom portable cdrw with Linux.
    This cdrw is with an freecom parallel port cable connected with the parallel
    port of my pc.

    Now i have tested to use:
    #modprobe paride
    #modprobe friq
    #modpribe pcd
    When i want to mount a data cd i always get some error messages.
    #modprobe paride
    #modprobe friq
    #modprobe pg
    also doasnt get.

    Now i have found on the Internet an webpage who use an freecom cdrw over the
    PCMCIA port ("http://www.xenonsoft.demon.co.uk/freecom-cdrw.html"). He use
    the module ide_cs to use IDE SCSI emulation.
    (Please see on the webpage for more informations)

    Doas i can make this also with the parallel port?

    I hope you can help me and pleas writ me back.

    Stefan Riha

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