[PARPORT] pcd find the drive but pg not

From: Stefan Riha (s.riha@gmx.at)
Date: Sun Jun 30 2002 - 17:10:24 EDT

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    I have a freecom portable cdrw with an philpis cdd3801 cdrw in it.

    I want to use the cdrw to burn some cdrw's.

    When i load the modules:

    #modprobe friq
    #modprobe pcd

    i get the following system messages:

    paride: version 1.06 installed (parport)
    paride: friq registered as protocol 0
    pcd: pcd version 1.07, major 46, nice 0
    pcd0: Sharing parport0 at 0x378
    pcd0: friq 1.01, Freecom IQ ASCI-2 adapter at 0x378, mode 4 (EPP-32), delay1
    pcd0: Master R/RW 2x2x24

    I think that the pcd driver have found the correct cdrw on the parport.
    But i have heard that i can only read some data cd's with this driver.
    I also have heard that i must use the pg driver to use the cdrw as burner.

    Now i have rebooted my pc.

    Now i want to load the following modules:

    #modprobe friq
    #modprobe pg

    But i allways get the following system messages:

    on the console:

    /lib/modules/2.4.18/kernel/drivers/block/paride/pg.o: init_module: Operation
    not permitted
    /lib/modules/2.4.18/kernel/drivers/block/paride/pg.o: insmod
    /lib/modules/2.4.18/kernel/drivers/block/paride/pg.o failed
    /lib/modules/2.4.18/kernel/drivers/block/paride/pg.o: insmod pg failed
    Hint: insmod errors can be caused by incorrect module parameters, including
    invalid IO or IRQ parameters

    and on the system output:

    pg: pg version 1.02, major 97
    pg0: Sharing parport0 at 0x378
    pg0: friq 1.01, Freecom IQ ASIC-2 adapter at 0x378, mode 1 (8-bit), delay 1
    pg: No ATAPI device detected

    I cant understand this. The pcd driver found the cdrw but the pg driver not.

    Could someone say me what the mode mean. The pcd driver found my cdrw with
    mode 4 (EPP-32) and the pg driver doasn't found the cdrw with mode 1 (8-bit).

    Doas someone could say me what the modes mean?

    I hope you could help me and please write back.

    Stefan Riha

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