[PARPORT] Want to get a IC running on printerport

From: Bernd Reuter (Fast4You@web.de)
Date: Wed Jul 17 2002 - 04:07:03 EDT

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    First Hello @ll,
    I'm new in this list, my name is Bernd and I'm from germany.
    I hope i will get an answer or an link helping me to fix my problem.
    I want to connect with the printerport to an ic (PIC 16F84), I need 8 ports and would be happy to have the possibility to read and write to the port.
    I' ve done this with windows and visual basic a few years ago, now I want to start programming in Linux :-)
    So far, where should I start? I have heard kernel 2.4 and parport should be an easy way?? I have also heard that older kernels do not support parport and need a driver. In the case I wrote a driver will he also work on newer kernels with Parport??
    If it's possible please give me an introduction in both way's so I can grep the best one for my purposes.

    thx a lot
    best regards Bernd
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