[PARPORT] Parport Insanity... No such device. 2.4.18

From: HogarthNH@aol.com
Date: Fri Jul 19 2002 - 21:14:41 EDT

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    Hi everyone.

    Caveat: I'm not a seasoned linux veteran. I have combed a lot of the
    documentation and cannot find specific answers to these issues -- at least --
    none that make any sense.

    I have a Compaq LTE 5300, and I put Debian on it. (2.2.19-compact, "potato").

    It did not seem to have any of the parport modules or drivers on it, so I
    downloaded 2.4.18, whipped out kconfig, set up for Parallel Port, and

    I have an application from Bill Danielson which is supposed to talk to an
    Internet Appliance via Parallel Port (Laplink Cable.) It specifically wants
    to talk to

    However, I don't have /dev/parport0. (It's literally NOT there.)

    If I compile parport_pc as a module instead of into the kernel, modprobe and
    insmod don't work for it. (Don't recall exactly what. I can try again if you

    If I compile parport_pc into the kernel, I will see "parport0: PC-style at
    0x378 (PCSPP(,...)]" in my dmesg output.

    parport0 appears in /proc/ioports, but does not appear in /proc/interrupts
    and the application constantly says
    "Open parport0: No such file or directory."

    If I make a symlink to lp0 or par0, it will say "Open parport0: No such

    Does 2.4.18 have some sort of problem?
    What gives?

    I'd appreciate any help you would care to provide.



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