[PARPORT] epp driver

From: bduthilleul@free.fr
Date: Thu Aug 08 2002 - 09:24:20 EDT

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    I'need to develop an epp driver for a new printer, but I've read the parport manual and I don't
    pass how made the to know which port are present, is it an epp port, and how negotiating
    this mode (epp).

    I've already done some test but when I attempt to allocated the parport_driver structure when
    I build the soft whith g++ I've the message "Variable 'struct parport_driver lp_driver' has
    initializer but incomplete type" but I've declared it like in the manual :
        static struct parport_driver lp_driver = {

    I use the kernel 2.5.24 and 2.4.18, and result are the same

    thank in advance for help


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