[PARPORT] ppSCSI version question

From: Will Stringer (will@dirtymac.net)
Date: Mon Oct 07 2002 - 11:38:47 EDT

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    I've looked around http://people.redhat.com/twaugh/parport/ and
    http://www.torque.net/parport/ppscsi.html but can't seem to locate a
    recent version of the ppSCSI patches/utilities for the 2.4 kernel.

    I'm trying to setup a parallel port scanner on my machine, which is why I
    (think) I need this package. The scanner is a Scanport 2030, which
    according to the Sane website might work. I haven't found much information
    on setting this up, yet.

    I searched through my 2.4.19 source tree and couldn't find any mention of
    ppSCSI, so it doesn't appear to have been merged into that tree yet. If
    anyone knows anything about this I'd appreciate any help they can give me.


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