[PARPORT] I am trying to connect a MicroTek Scanmaster E3 to an Intel RH7.3 box via parallel cable and I need help

From: Jeff Silverman (jeffs@commercialventvac.com)
Date: Sat Nov 16 2002 - 04:08:58 EST

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    Hi. I am trying to connect a MicroTek Scanmaster E3 to an Intel RH7.3
    box via parallel cable and I need help.

    I think I have the right modules installed:

    [jeffs@sixl jeffs]$ /sbin/lsmod
    Module Size Used by Not tainted
    sg 34532 0 (autoclean) (unused)
    scsi_mod 108240 1 (autoclean) [sg]
    on26 15264 0 (unused)
    paride 4672 1 [on26]
    nfs 86812 1 (autoclean)
    lockd 56832 1 (autoclean) [nfs]
    sunrpc 79412 1 (autoclean) [nfs lockd]
    parport_pc 17444 1 (autoclean)
    lp 8768 0 (autoclean)
    parport 34144 1 (autoclean) [paride parport_pc lp]
    autofs 11844 0 (autoclean) (unused)
    ne2k-pci 6464 1
    8390 8068 0 [ne2k-pci]
    ide-cd 30592 0 (autoclean)
    cdrom 32160 0 (autoclean) [ide-cd]
    msdos 7004 1 (autoclean)
    nls_iso8859-1 3488 2 (autoclean)
    nls_cp437 5120 2 (autoclean)
    vfat 11836 1 (autoclean)
    fat 37176 0 (autoclean) [msdos vfat]
    cs4232 5088 0
    ad1848 25472 0 [cs4232]
    uart401 7872 0 [cs4232]
    sound 72012 0 [cs4232 ad1848 uart401]
    soundcore 6532 4 [sound]
    usb-uhci 24516 0 (unused)
    usbcore 72096 1 [usb-uhci]
    ext3 67360 2
    jbd 48920 2 [ext3]

    However, sane-find-scanner doesn't find it
    [jeffs@sixl jeffs]$ sudo sane-find-scanner
    # Note that sane-find-scanner will find any scanner that is connected
    # to a SCSI bus and some scanners that are connected to the Universal
    # Serial Bus (USB) depending on your OS. It will even find scanners
    # that are not supported at all by SANE. It won't find a scanner that
    # is connected to a parallel or proprietary port.

    # If your scanner uses SCSI, you must have a driver for your SCSI
    # adapter and support for SCSI Generic (sg) in your Operating System
    # in order for the scanner to be used with SANE. If your scanner is
    # NOT listed above, check that you have installed the drivers.

    [jeffs@sixl jeffs]$

    So then I tried scanimage -L and it can't find the scanner either. I
    then tried explicitly naming the scanner and it may be that this isn't
    right. It didn't work.
    [jeffs@sixl jeffs]$ scanimage -d mostek:/dev/sg0 --mode Color > Sarah.png
    scanimage: open of device mostek:/dev/sg0 failed: Invalid argument

    So clearly I am doing something wrong - anybody have any advice?

    Many thanks,


    Jeff Silverman, Linux Guru wannabe, Java Guru wannabe

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