[PARPORT] adding ppSCSI drivers

From: Justin Bouldin (justin@startickets.com)
Date: Tue Nov 19 2002 - 17:44:22 EST

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    I am trying to set up the Amanda tape backup system with redhat 8.0 on
    i386 architecture. My tape device is an generic sony 8gb drive with
    built-in DatTerm SCSI port, and I am trying to connect it via a standard
    cable to my parallel port. I have installed the following modules, all
    of which came packaged with redhat 8.0:
    But ppscsi and epst, the final two drivers I need, are not inherent to
    the system, and I need to know how I should go about adding them. I
    downloaded the "ppSCSI-0.91.patch" as well as "patch-2.3.47-ppSCSI-2"
    and tried to follow the instructions on the download page, but I
    obviously misunderstood them somewhere. After copying both files to the
    / directory I ran "make config" with the resultant error message:
    *** No rule to make target 'config'. stop.

    I have to admit that I am fairly inexperienced with make, or with
    modules in general, and so I was just blindly following the directions.
     I assume that I am making a fairly basic mistake, and I would greatly
    appreciate it if someone could shed a little light on my ignorance.

    Justin Bouldin

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