[PARPORT] Question about reading from input pins.

From: Pawel Stochlinski (int01h@sentinel.mj12.eu.org)
Date: Wed Nov 20 2002 - 20:40:30 EST

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    Hello, can anyone help me to solve the problem of reading from the input pin
    in lpt?
    Here is the situation.
    For example im connecting the 11pin (which is first input pin) with ground
    to the 9v battery
    and, in while(1) loop i am reading the status of inputs in parraler port.
    I cant see any change when connecting/disconnecting the input pin from
    battery ;((
    Of course, i ses a change when i connect the pin to the ground, but this is
    not what i need :(

    I just want to check if my lamp is on or off. :( cause im turning it On/off
    by a switch on the lamp and want
    to get an information to the PC of the lamp state :(

    Please help...

    "Ulubiency bogow umieraja mlodo ale pozniej zyja wiecznie w ich
    towarzystwie" [Fryderyk Nietzsche]
    Pawel Stochlinski (int01h)
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