[PARPORT] Printing problem

From: Paolo Chiarabaglio (chpm@aries.it)
Date: Mon Feb 03 2003 - 17:11:27 EST

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    I've got a Leaf Linux (leaf.sourceforge.net) and I have problems printing
    with a program I wrote.
    I've tried to use both /dev/lp0 and /dev/parport0 and the probelm seems to
    be the same. The program sends about 1200/1800 bytes and then stops. I have
    to switch the printer off and back on for the transfer to complete.

    I simply open the device with open.

    I've tried to use ioctl with PPCLAIM but it says PPCLAIM: Invalid argument.

    Someone can please help me ???

    Thank you very much, Paolo Chiarabaglio

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