Re: [PARPORT] Parallel port ioctl()

From: Uwe Bonnes (
Date: Tue Feb 25 2003 - 05:53:49 EST

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    >>>>> "peter" == peter holmes <> writes:

        peter> So: 1) can I disable the parallel port driver without recompiling
        peter> the kernel?

    You can remove the modules. Do lsmod |grep lp and when you get a hit, no
    need to recompile

        peter> - if not - 2) do I need to recompile the kernel
        peter> without parallel support? - if so - any suggestion as to the
        peter> best place to look for (de)selecting kernel modules at compile
        peter> time? There's plenty of information on compiling the kernel but
        peter> little I could find on module selection.

    Try to get the .config file for your running kernel. The Distributor should
    have, and e.g. with suse, it's in /proc/config.gz.

    Use the well known tools (make config, make xconfig) and change only options
    you need( and understand)



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