Re: [PARPORT] libieee1284 automatically loads ppdev, lp?

From: Gora Mohanty (
Date: Wed Feb 26 2003 - 10:22:25 EST

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    Tim Waugh writes:
    >ppdev is the driver that makes /dev/parport0 work; you want that loaded.

    OK. That makes sense, especially after starting to read the libieee1284 code.

    >Why is lp causing you problems?

    Well, actually it turns out that it isn't. We were having some trouble
    with our data acquisition, where it seemed like occasionally something
    would write to the control port other than our DAQ program. So, I was
    suspecting that some program running on the computer was trying to use
    lp, but we finally traced the problem to the peripheral.

    >It sounds to me like F1284_EXCL is exactly what you are after. Are
    >you using it?

    Thanks for reminding me of that. I had not been using it as I was getting
    some error messages, but I think that those might have been related to the
    permissions on /dev/parport0. It seems to work fine now. Thanks for your


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