[PARPORT] Problem with aquiring port (ioctl()) ?

From: Lucian Daniliuc (lucian@psdtimis.ro)
Date: Mon Mar 03 2003 - 05:55:20 EST

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    It seems that something on my system is sending information to the
    parallel port because, although i use ioctl to get access to the port, i
    still get (using LED's connected to the h/w port) activity besides the
    data that i am sending.

    My question is how to make the parallel port 'quiet' (like in DOS/Win' for
    example) because i need to connect some user-made device to it and contol
    it correctly ???

    My kernel is 2.4.18

    P.S. I have tried compiling some kernels that:
     - had no support whatsoever except for keyboard and console (and, of
    course, no parallel port related support);
     - had everything installed at least as a module (including parport and

    and i still didn't get any results... it seems activity on the port
    appears before the actual system boot, during the kernel.

    Please help if you can as using linux to control the parallel port is very
    important to me.


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