Re: [PARPORT] Handling interrupts with select and poll?

From: Bob Tanner (
Date: Thu May 01 2003 - 16:48:12 EDT

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    On Thursday 01 May 2003 02:08 pm, Bob Tanner wrote:
    > Just want to confirm that the only want to handle interrupts is with select
    > or poll on the port.
    > There isn't any sort of signals being sent by the libieee1284 or parport
    > that I could handle in my code.
    > I don't see any in the code, but I want to post here for verification.

    % man ieee1284_read_status

           The nAck pin is often able to trigger interrupts on the
           host machine. With operating system help these interrupts
           may be visible to the application via the selectable_fd
           member of the parport structure.

           Under Linux, the conditions are that the parallel port
           driver knows which interrupt line to use and is using it,
           and that the relevant /dev/parport device node is accessi-
           ble and backed by a device driver.

    Look in parport.h, I do not see selectable_fd member of the in struct parport.

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