Re: [PARPORT] Handling interrupts with select and poll?

From: Bob Tanner (
Date: Sat May 03 2003 - 23:57:52 EDT

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    On Saturday 03 May 2003 03:27 am, Tim Waugh wrote:
    > On Fri, May 02, 2003 at 02:49:47PM -0500, Bob Tanner wrote:
    > > Which of these fields is the selectable_fd member?
    > Sorry, my mistake; I just read enough to see that you were looking at
    > the wrong struct parport.
    > The selectable_fd member was replaced by the ieee1284_get_irq_fd()
    > function.
    > (I'll fix the documentation in CVS.)

    After poking around a bit, I found out that once again, I'm an idiot when it
    comes to hardware. :-) I found the ieee1284_get_irq_fd() function, but it
    won't work. Of course, I -assumed- the problem was in the lib.

    Several hours later, I hooked a scope up to the hardware and won't you know
    it. No interrupts! Had a lengthy chat with the hardware guys, a few vlcd(?),
    vlc(?) (whatever the heck the program the hardware with) commands later, I
    got interrupts and everything works great.

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