[PARPORT] Problems with PC-linux

From: Raul Schmidlin Fajardo Silva (fajardo@eel.ufsc.br)
Date: Fri May 16 2003 - 13:28:39 EDT

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       Hi, I have a problem trying to control the parallel port with outb
    command. The fact is that I can control it easily with home pc but at
    work, the computer, running over linux, sends automatically randomical
    bits to the parallel port. The most strange part is that I can control
    the parallel port over windows.
       I wanna know what could I do. I thought about recompile kernel and
    I actually did but I wasnt sure about what options I should pick.
       I think it might be a problem with the motherboard since it is
    totally integrated, it is a sis730s, I beg for any clue. Thanks...

       Raul Fajardo

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