Re: [PARPORT] simple (dumb?) ppdev question

From: Peter Asemann (
Date: Fri May 23 2003 - 08:58:09 EDT

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    Well, thanks again.

    I had to go to sourceforge to actually find out the license of libieee1284;
    you don't drop any word about it on 'your' site.
    As the license of "my" project also is GPL it's very likely it'll ship with
    libieee1284 inside when I've learned how to make use of it.

    Whatever, I have some (at least for today...) final questions: If the machine
    my program runs on only has an EPP port (no ECR or something), will it be
    possible to open it with CAP1284_EPP? Is it possible to have libieee1284
    "probe" the port for what capabilities it supplies? For some reason I need to
    know. And, what does "there is a software/hardware implementation of XXX for
    this mode" - are there scenarios in which it's crucial to have the one and
    not the other implementation?

    Peter Asemann

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