Re: [PARPORT] Daily ppdev question... difference between nibble and compat and byte mode

From: Peter Asemann (
Date: Tue Jun 03 2003 - 08:03:47 EDT

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    > > Regarding byte mode, I guess PPDATADIR will only work in byte mode,
    > > IEEE1284_MODE_BYTE?
    > Rather the other way around: byte mode only works if the data lines
    > can be tristated.

    Okay, the questions I wanted to ask was if PPDATADIR does something else than
    toggling bit 4 of the control register. I've taken a look into the parport_pc
    sources and found it does nothing else, so I can stay in compat mode and a
    user-land driver can perform compat-, nibble- and byte-mode operations
    withouth problems if PPDATADIR is used to set bit 4 (I've seen it'd work even
    if I just try toggling bit 4, but that's deprecated).

    Thanks again... I'll try and shut up for some days (at least)

    Peter Asemann

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