Re: [PARPORT] CAP problems, potential bug?

From: Tim Waugh (
Date: Thu Jul 24 2003 - 04:54:48 EDT

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    On Wed, Jul 23, 2003 at 05:14:51PM -0500, Bob Tanner wrote:

    > int cap;
    > ieee1284_open(port, flags, &cap);
    > printf("%d\n", cap);
    > Gives me a cap = 2191, coverting that to bin 1000 1000 1111
    > Looking at ieee1284.h at enum ieee1284_capabilities. the output of lssuperio,
    > confirmed with the BIOS does not match the capabilities from ieee1284_open().
    > I should have the CAP1284_DMA (1<<12) (ala dma channel 4) and
    > CAP1284_IRQ(1<<11) (ala irq 7) capabilities. But the cap is only showing
    > IRQs. Is this because libieee1284 is detecting my port can only do EPPSWE?

    It depends on how libieee1284 is getting access to the port. If it's
    using inb/outb, for instance, it won't be using DMA of course. You
    can find out what the library is thinking by setting the
    LIBIEEE1284_DEBUG environment variable before running your program.


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