[PARPORT] kernel patch - new ioctl

From: Markus Heinz (su1690@sx2.hrz.uni-dortmund.de)
Date: Thu Aug 21 2003 - 06:15:16 EDT

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    I am currently developing a software for linux which can read the ink
    level from ink jet printers. HP printers transmit their ink level in the
    IEEE 1284 device id. For printers attached via usb there is an ioctl for
    user space programs to get the device id. For printers attached via the
    parallel port there is none. So I hacked together a kernel module which
    reads the device id, parses it and makes the result available via the
    /proc filesystem. The result can be found at my homepage [1]. But now I
    want a cleaner design and so I implemented an ioctl for the parport
    which returns the device id like the usb ioctl does. So I can parse the
    device id in a user space program. It would be nice if you could include
    the patch [2] in the official linux kernel. I also wrote a small test
    program [3] to read the device id of a device attached to the parallel
    port which makes use of the new ioctl.

    [1] http://home.arcor.de/markusheinz/
    [2] http://home.arcor.de/markusheinz/linux-2.4.21-lp_ioctl.patch
    [3] http://home.arcor.de/markusheinz/lpdevid_parport.c



    Visit my homepage: http://home.arcor.de/markusheinz/

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